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Notepad + Calculator

Bricks is a combo of a note-taking app and multi-line calculator.

Calculator on steroids.

For whom Bricks could be useful to:

  • Students and teachers to work on math\physics problems and solutions
  • Engineers and IT professionals (to do and keep\share calculations\analyses)
  • For those who do budgeting, costing
  • For those who wants to keep track of spendings and shopping lists
  • For anyone who wants to have notepad and calculator at hand.

Beside just keeping short notes, Bricks provides the following features:

  • Keeping everyday notes by mixing text and calculations
  • Sharing a copy of a note by clicking on the 'share' button and paste the link from clipboard
  • Reusing results of previous expressions (Results obtained from previous lines can be reused in the following lines)
  • Creating named variables and functions
  • Handy percentage functions and other math functions.
  • Remains available and functional even if with no internet connection
  • It can be used on mobile and desktop. You can even create an icon for it as you do for regular apps (click '+' on the browser, near bookmark star).
  • It keeps your data safe in a local database, and it won't change or disappear until you delete or change it manually.

Bricks keeps all your notes secure and safe inside the browser database.