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Calculations and their meaning

In contrast to the classical calculators, Bricks allows you to express calculations in a few lines in a meaningful and connected way.

This makes Bricks somewhat similar to Excel. To be more useful, Bricks allows you to mix calculations and text. It scans for calculations inside the text, and then if the found expression is grammatically correct, Bricks will calculate it and display the result.

(See grammar page for more information about available expressions).

Reusable results

Reusable results

It's possible to reuse obtained results (declared on the upper lines) by clicking on them. After you click on a result, it is placed in the current position where the cursor is located. Note that reused results cannot be edited directly. In order to change them, you need to change their original expressions. Note also that an original expression can itself be composed of other reused results.

There is also another way to reuse values, through the use of named variables.

View modes

Bricks has two modes to display results:

  • Line mode - result is placed under the current line (i.e., under the calculation).
  • Column mode - result is placed on the same line (as the calculation), but in the separate column.

The image below shows the COLUMN mode: Column mode

Same data as above but in the LINE mode: Line mode


Creating note

Press the "Add note.." button inside the Notes folder to create a new note. Create new note

Renaming note

Renaming is done in the main area of a note as shown in Creating note

Sharing note

Press “Share icon” to copy a shareable link into the clipboard. After this it can be pasted (from the clipboard: Ctrl + V) anywhere as a shared link. When another user opens the shared link, it will be placed in the “Shared with me” folder. Share note

Deleting note

In order to delete a note, choose "Delete" from the shortcut menu. Delete note


Use folders to organize notes that share a similar meaning, like 'My expenses', 'Loans', 'Preliminary calculations', etc. Folders